Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A STORY OF LOVE: Through Toxic Goiter and in Health

I remember my friend story about his parents on how they struggled in life about his Mother’s goiter. When his Mom was young, she always helps her father go to the health center for checkups and medicine. During the check up his Mom was talking to the Doctor about her Father’s illness. The Doctor noticed something on her neck and asked her if she has a goiter. She answered “I don’t know Doc, but sometimes I feel something inside and it’s uneasy to swallow food”. The Doctor told her to take a T3 and T4 test just to be sure and she just answered “Okay Doc I will”.

Years have passed by but she didn’t take the Test. She married a kind and loving husband and they had four children. The youngest is my friend. Finally they decided and have their Mom take the T3 andT4 test because of the uneasy feeling on her throat. They waited 4 days for her result and when it came out they found out that she has a cancerous toxic goiter. They immediately went to an Endocrinologist. The Doctor examined her and gave her medicines hoping that it will heal or make the goiter smaller. Years have passed but still there is no sign that the goiter will heal. So they went to the hospital and his Mom had an operation. After the operation they took samples and have them tested in Manila. After that they needed to take his Mom in UST Hospital for the radioactive treatment.

Even though financially unstable, they manage to help their Mom during those times. I was so touch when my friend told me that his Father didn’t left his Mother not a single day in the hospital. His Father stood outside the operating door until she came out. And in UST hospital he slept outside the door sitting on the chair for 3 days because he cannot enter inside the radioactive room.

Through prayer, love, and technology his Mom’s toxic goiter was treated.